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I Am Back!
♥ 18.10.10 - The Entourage ♥
♥ 18.10.10 - The Thank You Speech ♥
♥ 18.10.10 - The Special Performance ♥
♥ 18.10.10 - The Banquet ♥
♥ 18.10.10 - The Morning ♥
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Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 11:30 PM
Meaningful ~

Michael Leung, a famous TV Host and MC / DJ in Hong Kong, is also a child psychotherapist.

The following is a loving letter that he wrote for his son.

It would not only provide a guideline for children, but also benefit for all ages.

★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ -

My Son,

I'm writing this list based on three fundamentals :-

-  Life is unpredictable. No one knows how long we're going to live, so some things are better said earlier than later.

-  I'm your father. I'd be the only one to tell you these things.

-  Everything on this list came from my own experience. I learnt them the hard way, and hopefully that'll save some unnecessary steps in your life.

Below are the things you need to remember at all times in your life :-

1. To people who are unkind to you, don't sweat it.
Through your lifetime, no one is obligated to be nice to you, besides your mom and me. As for the people who are kind to you, treasure them, be grateful, but at the same time, be extra cautious. Everyone does everything for a reason. When someone is nice to you, it doesn't mean they like you. You need to be able to see through the surface, instead of making them your true friends immediately.

2. No one is irreplaceable, and nothing is indispensable.
With that in mind, even when you lose the people or things that you love and treasure the most in the future, you would understand that it's not that big of a deal.

3. Life is short.
While you're wasting it today, you'll realize you're at the end of it tomorrow. So the earlier you start treasure your life, the earlier you can enjoy it. Instead of hoping for longevity, start enjoying life early.

4. The thing called "The Best Love", or "The One", doesn't exist.
Love is a feeling of moments. It will definitely alter and decrease over time and moods. If your so-called "Best Love" left you, please be patient and let time heal your wounds. Through time, your heart will come to peace and your pain will ease. Don't over expect the beauty of Love, nor over exaggerate the pain when you lose it.

5. You can start from nothing to your name, but you can go nowhere if you are not fully prepared.
Although a lot of successful people received high education, you might not be successful if you don't study hard. The knowledge you consume will become your weapon. You can start from nothing to your name, but you can go nowhere if you have nothing in your hands. Never forget that!

6. I don't expect you to support me for rest of my life, so I'm not going to do the same for you either.
When you're grown enough to be independent, it will be the end of my responsibilities to you. From that point, it's completely your own responsibilities and decisions, whether to take the bus or drive a Benz, or whether to eat shark fins or rice noodle.

7. Whenever you decide to treat others, remember they won’t necessary do the same in return.
You can require yourself to be accountable to others, but don't expect accountability from others to you. You can require yourself to be nice to other, but don't expect the same from others to you. However you decide to treat others, them won't necessary do the same in return. You must be clear on this, or you'll just torture yourself unnecessarily.

8. There’s no free lunch in the world.
I've been buying the Lotto for almost twenty years, but still poor. I had never got the third place even once. So remember, you have to work hard to be successful. There's no free lunch in the world.

9. You got your family by faith, and it happens only once.
Please treasure every moment we spend together, because we don't know how long it will last. After this lifetime, we won't see each other anymore.

Your Father
Liang Jizhang

Sunday, July 8, 2012 @ 12:00 AM
I Am Back!

Sorry for the long hiatus!

Work has been busy and Lingz has been lazy.

Finally got down to blogging about our wedding.

(Ok, I know the wedding was almost 2 years ago.)

Click on the below links to see the different entries.


Saturday, July 7, 2012 @ 11:00 PM
♥ 18.10.10 - The Entourage ♥


My chio + sweet + evil + funny jie-mei(s) :

Pie Ling

Next, the very dashing + super sporting xiong-di(s) :


Our very eloquent emcees - Kenny & Maggie Jie!

Our 4 efficient receptionists - Grace, Violet Jie, Melodie & Jocelin!

Our coordinators - Yong Jian & Joel!

We are truly blessed to have all of you to help us run the show and make our big day such a memorable one.

Thank you so so much!

@ 10:30 PM
♥ 18.10.10 - The Thank You Speech ♥

I am still pretty upset that I ‘chickened out’ last minute and asked Luffs to make the thank you speech on our behalf. I guess I sort of regretted not doing it myself - There were so many people whom I wanted to delicate my thanks to because they have made a difference in my life.

I actually wrote my speech in the beginning of 2010 and have edited / re-edited it so many times along the way till 16 October when I decided that I couldn’t do the speech myself.

Below is what I have prepared :-

To My Parents

Thank you both for the love showered on me all these years. I know I have not been an easy child. Being your younger girl, I know you both have worried and are always worrying endlessly for me.

Mum, thank you for these 26 hard years of bringing me up! In our family, there are no hugs and kisses, or blatant expressions of love and affection but I feel your love in more ways than one :-

Waking up earlier than any of us to prepare breakfast
2 Walking me to the train station every morning ever since I started working
3 Staying up with me even when I studied through the night
4 Waiting up for me to get home no matter how late it is

Just to name a few…

You have done a lot to bring me to this world and even more so when Dad passed away when I was 7 years old. Thank you for giving me all that I have now. Indeed, I am truly blessed to be your child and I thank you for putting up with me through these years and doing everything to make my life better.

Uncle, thank you for coming into our lives some 15 years ago and becoming part of our family. You are indeed God sent because I really cannot imagine how Mum, Jie and I would have coped without you. Through both your teachings and guidance, I think I am proud to be where I am today and I sincerely hope that both you and mum can be proud of me and happy for me too.

To My One & Only Sister, Maggie

Since young, my sister and I have always shared a very close relationship because of the time we spent alone at home when mum was working hard to support us single-handedly. Jie, thank you for being such a sweet and encouraging elder sister although sometimes you seem more like the younger one.

Your act-cute ways and sometimes-irritating-and-annoying actions never fail to cheer me up and that make you all the more special and lovable to me. Also, thank you so much for being our Chinese emcee tonight! You don’t know how thankful Kelvin and I are that you are helping us.

To My Stepbrothers & Their Families

A big thank you to my stepbrothers especially Uncle Andrew for being such a great help to my family.

To Kelvin’s Parents

Daddy, Mummy - I know you had your hands full raising Kelvin, but you have influenced and molded him into the man he is today, the man whom I so dearly love! Thank you also for your acceptance of me to be a part of your family.

To Kelvin's Brother, Kenny

Kenny Boy, thank you also for being very welcoming. And most importantly, for flying some 6,031 kilometres back to Singapore to our emcee tonight.

To My Jie-Mei(s)

Melodie, Jeannie, Pie Ling, Jane, Jocelin - Thank you for being ever supportive and helpful despite all your busy schedules. You girls have made me feel like a princess today! Special thanks to Melodie and Pie Ling for your ever-ready responses to help me out when I needed advice during the course of preparing for this occasion.

To Kelvin’s Xiong-Di(s)

Kenny, Amos, Prashant, Mahesh, Stanley - Thank you for being super accommodating and sporty this morning! I believe you all have proven your brotherhood and support for Kelvin!

To My Bosses & Colleagues

Thank you Ajay, Lin and Prasad for your kind understanding the past few months when I was busy with the house renovation and wedding preparations. And also, my dearest colleagues who have to work doubly hard while I am on leave.

To Andrew, Keith and Mei

Our photographers and videographer! Thank you for running around with us since morning and not forgetting the lovely pre-wedding shoot we had in July. You guys are the very important people to help us keep this special day a lasting memory.

(We forgot to take photos together!)

To My Dearest Husband, Kelvin

The journey of preparing for our special day and getting our house ready has been fun and laughter-filled even though there were various stressful junctures. All these involved plenty of burnt weekends and many on-the-spot decision-makings but I am grateful that you have been very patient with me!

Marriage, as we have learnt, should be based upon an unconditional commitment and a sacrificial love for one another and these 2 conditions have to be fulfilled in order for it to work. To me, marriage can be seen as a roller coaster ride. It will not be all sunshine and rainbows - The ups and downs; twists and turns are what define a good ride. The best thing about it is having someone beside you to hold your hand and let you know that you are safe.

Today, I have married a man whom I know will hold my hand to make me feel protected. I cannot fully articulate what you mean to me and how much love I have for you, but I know I am definitely looking forward to my new role as your wife and your constant supporter. Lastly and most importantly, I promise to love and cherish you in good times and in bad, with all I have to give and all that I am, in the only way I know how - completely and forever.

@ 8:45 PM
♥ 18.10.10 - The Special Performance ♥

We have definitely made the right choice of choosing the sand art performance over having a live band at our banquet!

Erika Chen (陈环) is indeed a very talented self-taught artist. Everyone at the dinner was extremely impressed with her smooth flowing, silky-like sand painting skills.

@ 6:00 PM
♥ 18.10.10 - The Banquet ♥

Here are some of the photos taken in the evening during the banquet.

Ivy doing my make-up in the bridal suite.

The crystal bouquet and boutonnière which Jie Jie made for us.

Thank you for putting in so much effort!!!

The awesomely done-up ballroom for the evening!

We did a mini candy buffet for our guests.

A family photo which I totally ♥.

Here's the bride with the entourage!

For those who were interested to see how the back of my gown looked like!

The first march-in!

Song : The Day I Fall In Love by James Ingram & Dolly Parton

The second march-in!

Song : I Believe In You by N'Sync With Joe

Champagne popping!

Nuptial toast!

Yam seng time!

Luffs made the thank you speech on our behalf - Emotional moment.

Happy family!

Thank you all for making our wedding such a memorable one!

@ 10:00 AM
♥ 18.10.10 - The Morning ♥

Was glad that we went ahead with two photographers because both Andrew and Keith did a good job in covering both sides (Andrew was with Luffs and Keith at my place).

Ok, now to the photos!


My day started pretty early at 4+ am after sleeping for an hour!

Not sure if we were talking each other but Luffs insisted we were.

Bows and nerdy specs for the boys (including the groom)!

Wedding car!

Thanks to Darren who became our "chauffeur" for the day with his dad's car.

Both of us preparing and dressing up for our BIG day!

That's Luffs with his family and his xiong-di(s).

And on my side -
The veiling of the bride!

The boys finally reached my parents' place at about 7 am.

Expressions of Luffs during gate-crashing!

And he finally got his bride after much "torture".

A group photo before leaving for Luffs' parents' place for the tea ceremony.

Luffs' parents and brother!

Needed to change to the kua before going over to my parents' place for tea ceremony so the husband doing his job to help the wife. :)

Thanks, dear!

Another group photo with Darren this time!

Totally love my chio bu jie-mei(s).

Tea ceremony at my parents' place.

My parents and my sister + brother-in-law!

The morning went pretty smoothly and here's a family photo to end this post.